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In Tampa, when seeking logo design services, it’s vital to find a company that keeps pace with evolving design trends and methodologies. A team of skilled professionals with a profound grasp of branding concepts and experience in diverse sectors is key to achieving success. It’s equally important to work with designers who offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements and objectives, as every business is unique. Clear communication throughout the design journey is indispensable to ensure your vision is transformed into an impactful logo. Partnering with a company that provides a comprehensive range of branding services, such as web design, promotional materials, and social media visuals, can help establish a consistent brand image. At Digital Wolf, we pledge to deliver top-notch logo design services in Tampa!

Why do you need a good logo?

A good logo is crucial for any business because it serves as the visual representation of your brand identity. It is often the first point of contact for potential customers and plays a vital role in creating a strong first impression. An effective logo should be memorable, versatile, and relevant, capturing the essence of your brand in a simple yet powerful design.

Logos help establish brand recognition and differentiate your business from competitors in a crowded marketplace. A well-designed logo can evoke positive emotions and build trust, ultimately influencing purchasing decisions. Furthermore, a good logo is adaptable and can be used seamlessly across various mediums, such as websites, social media, and print materials, ensuring brand consistency.

What is the 60/30/10 rule for logo design?

The 60-30-10 rule is not specifically associated with logo design but is a widely-used principle in the field of interior design and color schemes. It serves as a guideline for achieving balance and visual appeal by distributing colors in a harmonious proportion. According to this rule, 60% of a space or design should feature the dominant color, 30% should consist of a secondary color, and the remaining 10% should comprise an accent color.

In the context of logo design, while the 60-30-10 rule may not be directly applicable, the underlying concept of color balance remains essential. When designing a logo, it’s crucial to select a color palette that complements your brand identity and evokes the desired emotions. Typically, a logo should have a limited number of colors, with one dominant color and one or two supporting or accent colors to create a visually appealing and memorable design.

So, while the 60-30-10 rule might not directly apply to logo design, the concept of achieving color harmony and balance is still valuable for creating an effective and impactful logo.

The Process

First, we get some info and up to 5 reference photos to brainstorm an idea. Next, we start working on making your logo! Once it is ready for you to see, we send it to you for approval. If there’s anything you want done different, let us know during your round of revision. Once that’s done, you get your logo delivered to your email!

Logo Design Pricing


•Logo Brainstorm
•1 Mock Up
•1 Round Of Revision

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