New Google SEO Core Update

What is a "Core Update"?

Google regularly updates how its search engine works. These big changes are called ‘core updates’, and Google lets us know when they happen. The purpose of these updates is to make sure your search results are as helpful and trustworthy as possible

Don’t panic if your website’s ranking drops after a core update! It doesn’t mean you’ve broken any rules. Think of it like updating a ‘Top 100 Movies’ list – newer, better movies get added, and some older movies might shift positions. It doesn’t mean the older movies are bad, just that the list is being refreshed to better reflect the current landscape.

Who Should Worry?

If you, or an agency, has been creating quality, unique content, there isn’t much to worry about. Just continue doing what you are doing. 

If you, or an agency, has been writing poor quality content, using AI, writing bad content with “black hat” techniques, or anything else that could cause Google to see the content as “low-quality” or “spam” you will have to start updating that content. 

With this update, Google is cracking down on spam and websites pumping out a ton of content. Google guidelines have always been quality of quantity. And when AI became main stream, there has been a lot of scammers, spammers, and not great marketers come into the industry. 

Promising you to get to #1 ranking in a month, 1000s of backlinks, 100s of blog post, and whatever else they said to make a quick dollar.

What they would do is use AI to create these very low quality pages and start plastering them everywhere.

They would take high ranking pages and use AI to rewrite it and they would use that for YOUR content that you are paying good money for. And they would just take the easy way out. 

Google is reducing low-quality, unoriginal, and spam results. 

This will remove around 40% of search results!!!!

Imagine, all the search results you see on Google. All the pages and pages of different websites. Now reduce it by 40%!

New SPAM Policies

Google is now using more strict guidelines to determine what is “spam”.

  • Scaled Content Abuse: Google has always had rules against using automated tools to create large amounts of low-quality content designed to trick search rankings. These rules are getting stronger because the methods for creating this kind of content have gotten more advanced. Google now focuses on the bad behavior itself (mass-producing unhelpful content to boost rankings) regardless of whether it’s created by humans, machines, or a mix of both.
  • Site Reputation Abuse: Even websites with a good reputation can be negatively affected when they host low-quality content from other sources. These third-party sources try to benefit from the host website’s reputation to improve their own search rankings, which can confuse and mislead users. To combat this, Google now considers this type of behavior as spam, even if the website owner didn’t have bad intentions. Website owners have two months to remove any third-party content that’s designed solely for ranking purposes before Google’s new policy goes into effect on May 5th.
  • Expired Domain Abuse: Sometimes, when a website’s domain name expires, it can be bought up and filled with low-quality content designed purely to trick Google’s rankings. This misleads users who may think they’re getting content from the older, trusted website. Google now considers this practice to be spam. 

What Should You Do?

If you have been creating your own content and you haven’t been using any of the methods above, then you are probably safe. If you have an agency, maybe double check what they’re doing. Any reputable agency should also be safe.

While there may be fluctuations in your rankings, that usually happens in these core updates.

Keep creating quality content people actually want to read, watch, or engage with.

If you use or have used an agency that does or may have done these things; you need to contact us now!

We can help you mitigate some of the damage that has been caused or about to be caused with this new update.

We are offering a promotional pricing on our SEO services to help fellow businesses and their owners.

Our $500/mo package will be automatically upgraded to our $1000/mo package.

And any package above $1000/mo will get the discount of $500 OFF.

These discounts will apply to your first two months.

We want to help as many businesses as possible navigate through this update that may have hired a low-quality agency.

Reach out to us now or schedule a call with us below!



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